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Green, low cost and high performance in-space propulsion

InSpacePropulsion Technologies (ISPTech) 

a Spin-Off of the Institute of Space Propulsion 

at the German Aerospace Center (DLR)

We provide green in-space propulsion technologies for every spacecraft. Based on a more than a decade of research and development activities at DLR.  


Current space propulsion systems offer either low cost or a high reliability. With our solutions - based on literally thousands of hot firing tests at DLR's facilities - we can serve both worlds: offering low costs with high performance and high reliability.

Our two technologies are suitable for all spacecraft sizes and classes - ranging from cubesats to large satellites, capsules or landers.


No matter, if you are a NewSpace player, a large satellite integrator or an institutional organisation, we will offer the right propulsion solution for your specific application. 


Our Mission

Our mission is to support the space market with green, reliable, low-cost and high-performance in-space propulsion. 

We offer:
  • Easy to handle, non-toxic, green propulsion solutions
  • A significant decrease of the thruster and propulsion system cost
  • Solutions for the NewSpace as well as the conventional space market
  • Propulsion systems for all sizes and classes of spacecrafts - from satellites to servicing vehicles, capsules and landers
  • A significant decrease in lead times with a rapid delivery to the customer
  • Customer specific solutions - we offer what you need 

To orbit, moon, mars and beyond with ISPTech

Our Green Propulsion Solutions

HIP_11 Technology

HIP_11 thruster firing under athmosperic conditions
  • Hypergolic propellant
  • Based on Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Patented technology

HyNOx Technology

HyNOx 22 N thruster firing under atmospheric conditions
  • Bipropellant based on Nitrous Oxide
  • Low cost, good availability
  • Easy to handle

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GreenDelta is supported by Helmholtz
ESA BIC supports GreenDelta